Sarjana Pantekosta Berebut Ruang di Indonesia

  • Elia Tambunan


Pentecostal studies are too prevalent in terms revivalism, movements, and denominations globally. This paper is different because of the anthropological aspects of Pentecostalism outlines how intellectuals Pantecost defines itself in a variety of social situations in which they live. Through a combined quantitative and qualitative research, the authors found Pantecostal scholars find themselves in the time of torpor to redefine themselves and their strategic position in the social reality. Pantecostal scholars could be seen as a representation of the face of Christian higher education in Indonesia. The time of torpor in Pantecostal scholars start from the process of education in higher education who have feelings too in love with its own identity so that the bad impact on the general principles of a system of community-wide. This paper can be seen as a Pantecostal Church in Indonesia (GPdI) scholar contribution towards Pentecostal studies globally from the anthropologist perspective with the Pantecostal scholar use as the unit of analysis in the study of religion is still rarely used by the religious scholar in Indonesia.

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